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Pantone Colors of the Year 2017

  • Posted by: Julia Moore
  • Category: Uncategorized

I love when the new year turns and everything is new and fresh again. The Pantone colors for 2017 have really inspired our showroom combinations. At first I was not so sure about Greenery being the “Color” of the year, but in using it throughout the displays, it has really grown as more of a base color for everything. So it makes perfect sense to have it as THE color to accent all other colors. It is fresh and brings a breath of spring into all color schemes. Who doesn’t use greenery in all wedding color pallets and even in our homes and landscaping, greenery is truly everywhere.

Some of my favorites that I expect to explode in proms, weddings, and events are the soft tones of Pale Dogwood and Hazelnut paired with golds. Wow, its like a trip to old Hollywood. Gorgeous and refined is how I describe that combination.

Island Paradise, Niagara, and Lapis Blue come in close second. Any shades of the ocean always warms my soul and my need to be at the beach, so these colors look fantastic with everything. Blues are so complimentary to every skin tone.

Primrose Yellow make me happy, a shot of sunshine during the grey months is always nice.

Flame and Pink Yarrow, super bright and fun. Summer here we come!

I am seeing Kale as more as an accent for spring and summer, but watch out fall and Christmas. It’ll be a strong color for the change of the season.

GOLD, GOLD, GOLD…. Do I need to say more. Its everywhere with everything. Gold is really back in a strong way. Loving the different shades of gold mixed with all the new pantone colors this year! We have a great collection of gold items to accent your next event. Come see us soon to see what inspires you.