It is hard to run a business. Using quality products put together beautifully at a price your customers can afford,
while you pay the bills and try not to volunteer at your own shop! Believe us, we understand!

The list to the right is to help you as a resource to find products that we carry. It’s nice to have a list that is specific to a florists needs. This is our gift to you and hopefully we have saved you a few clicks on Google. If you find an item(s) that you would like, please call or email us with requests and we will get back to you with all the details you need.

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SAF Society of American Florists

Ultimate Floral Industry Supply Guide


Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association


Design Master Paint

Just for Flowers Color Tools, Glitter, etc.

Swiss Army

Knives & Tools

Fitz Design

Corsage Accessories Flower & Boutonnieres

John Henry

Books, Cards, Envelopes, Forms, Plant Tags, Wooden Easels & Never-wilt Saddles

Berwick Offray

Ribbon- Flora-Satin, 210 Satin, Curling, Sheer,Wire Edge & Double Face Satins

Syndicate Sales

Floral Foam, Sympathy, Wedding, Plastic Containers, Glass & Water Picks

Candle Artisans Candles

Tapers, Pillars, Votive & Floating Disk

Chrysal USA Pokon

Chrysal Plantshine, Preservative & Processing Solutions

Clauss Tools

Knives, Scissors, Pruners & Cutters

CTI Industries

Balloons- Mylars, Latex & Hi-Float


Enclosure Cards, Envelopes & Order Pads


Styrofoam: Sheets, Spray Bars, Shredd & Straw Wreaths

Giftwares CompanyContainers

Ceramic, Resin, Glass, Metal & Basket



Knud Nielsen

Preserved Dried & Feathers

Milton Adler

Pins, Waterproof Tapes, Corsage Leaves, Pins

Panacea Products

Wire, Wood Picks, Stakes, Marbles, Gems, River Rocks, Easel & Plaques

Oasis Company

Floral Foam, Wedding, Adhesives, Plastic, Floralife