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Flowers Direct is a wholesale florist and NOT open to the Public. We offer a premium selection of floral merchandise to several select industries.

  • Retail Florists
  • Wedding & Event Planning
  • Novelty & Gift Shops
  • Landscape Design
  • Interior Design
  • Catering
  • Craft Industry
  • and More!

Flowers Direct does not sell to the public.  In order to sell to your business, it must be related to the floral industry (see above), we require a Resale Certificate (Sales & Use/Blanket Certificate of Resale) that is issued by state governments.  In order for us to sell to your business, a copy of this official form needs to be sent to Flowers Direct as proof that the product is being purchased for resale. Unacceptable forms that are often confused with a “Resale Certificate” are EIN & Business License.  Please contact us if your business resides in one of the following Tax Exempt states; AK, DE, MT, NH, OR.

Please use the form below to send your Resale Certificate with your user registration. Registering for our site does not require you to send your Resale Certificate at this time. If you have issues with the form below or you cannot send your Resale Certificate now, please fax or email a copy of your Resale Certificate to 865.602.2020 or

This site is accessible to approved users only. After registration, you have to wait for Flowers Direct to approve your access.